A little about me

My name is Jiajun Zhang and I am so glad that you are viewing my personal website. I am interested in full stack development.

I am a master student in Computer Engineering at Columbia University, graduating this December. Currently I am actively seeking for full time position opportunities in software development. If you find my projects interesting, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also like taking pictures and cooking. Love music.


IPIM (Interactive Pedestrian Injury Mapper)

Flask, PostgreSQL, Python, JavaScript, Google Maps

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  • Developed an interactive interface for users to draw the route before they were hit by a vehicle.
  • Individual designed back-end schema and worked with GIS extension for location storing purpose


Java, Socket programming

  • Developed a peer to peer oriented chat program, with functionalities of registration/deregistration and online/off-line message chatting.
  • Developed server as broadcasting users the contact information of all users, as well as receiving/sending messages for off-line users. Implemented acknowledgment messages to provide reliable communication.